Montessori encompasses a philosophy by which children are allowed to develop naturally and fully, each at his or her own pace. Under the guidance of a qualified Montessori directress, in a specially prepared environment, and using carefully formulated materials, children are given the opportunity to learn in the best ways- by choice and by discovery.


The dual qualities of independence and a love of learning, natural tendencies for the children are nurtured in such a way that both competence and confidence result. These competent and self-confident young people have the necessary tools for successful future learning and living.  If you believe every child should learn at their own pace, in a way that best suits them, and if you want your child to develop a lifetime love of learning, then you want Montessori for your child.


You have chosen the Montessori Method of Education for your child. We believe that you are giving your child the best educational foundation available today.

Because of Montessori Learning Center’s small size, the children not only learn academics, but also have a close nurturing relationship with all of the teachers. They also learn sharing and respect for their classmates. We feel this helps to build their self- confidence and they are more prepared when they do enter a larger environment. The teachers introduce more workbooks and dittos during the preschool year to help children with the transition to a traditional school. 


At Montessori Learning Center, we offer you and your child an authentic Montessori program. We know that children need to both work and play. Our comprehensive program allows your child to do both. Through our program, your child will gain the knowledge and understanding of many different subjects which allow the whole child to grow and develop.  We are not only offering a preparation for elementary school, but the beginning of an education for life.

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