Thank you so much for a wonderful three years.  Garrett has learned so much during the time he spent at Montessori Learning Center....Love, R&L

We feel that Montessori Learning Center is a very unique school and we recommend it highly to anyone who asks...... Sincerely, J.K.

MLC has been everything and more!  Brody has learned so much and he's only two (his colors, states, spanish, computer)!  Thank you to the teachers that are so loving and caring and treat him as their own....Forever Thankful, J&K C.

In a young life that was sometimes a bit confusing and unstable, you were his anchor on a daily basis....... Gratefully, E.V. 

Under your loving guidance, he's grown into an inquisitive, confident child who enjoys learning anything and everything. Thanks again.......   J & A

The school has been a great beginning for Jeb. It has prepared him to meet the challenges of "big" school.......  Love, V.B.

Thank you all for being part of Siri's learning experience.... with appreciation Dr.& Mrs.P

Since my initial wonderful impression of Montessori Learning Center, I have found the facility to be bright, tidy, charming.  Jane and her staff are friendly and helpful, and seek out new and fun ways to teach their students..... C.G.

We feel that they successfully prepared each of our sons academically and socially for their move into elementary school....... Sincerely, J&A

Timothy's foundation of learning with Montessori Learning Center will benefit him throughout his grade school years......  T & A

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